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  • Power Plants
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Underslung type EOT Cranes

Capacity: Single Girder Crane Up to 10 Ton, Double Girder Crane Up to 20 Ton
Span: Up to 20 mtrs.
Long travel speed: Up lo 20 mtrs/mm
Cross Travel Speed: Up to 15 mtrs/min.

  • Used for Indoor applications – Store area
  • Used when ceiling height is relatively small.
  • Run on I- beam which is fixed below ceiling at required height.
  • Total use of floor area without any obstruction.
  • Cost effective and easy solution.
  • Best solution for limited weight and Storage work.

No need of concrete foundations. Runway beam and columns


R- Cranes, Electric overhead travelling cranes are designed & manufactured accordance with IS 807 &. IS 3177. The Mechanical part of the Crane is manufactured Accordance with IS 3177 code of practice of design, manufacturing, erection & testing of EOT Cranes. The Structural part of the crane is manufactured accordance with IS 807 code of practice & Design of EOT Cranes. In the design of components, an adequate factor of safety as per relevant code is allowed Impact, Fatigue, Wear & Stress concentration factor are taken whenever applicable. All drives are designed to give sound and efficient performance.

Steel Construction

Structural steel are used in the Manufacturing of crane confirming to IS 2062 or equivalent

Bridge Girder

The bridge girder is fabricated from RSJ / Box type construction in the manufacturing, the maximum deflection of the bridge girder is limited to span / 1000 of the live loads. Bridge girder is designed to sustain stresses creating due to vertical & lateral forces with impact.

End Carriages / End Trucks

  • End carriages are fabricated from rolled steel section / plate with adequate diaphragms & stiffeners to give a rigid construction The girders with gusset plates are set on the end carriages joined with bolt in rimmed holes, rubber buffers are provided on both the side of end carriages which absorbs the jerks
  • Twin drive arrangements will be provided for LT. motions, central drive arrangement also available on request.

Motors & Brakes

  • The motors used are specially crane duty suitable for frequent starting. Reversing and braking in accordance with IS 325.
  • All trolley and drive motors have suitable AC/DC/ brakes as STD equipments with smooth running properties.

Hoisting Machinery

The hoisting machinery is designed with IS 3938 in modular construction, which simplifies repair and maintenance. R-Cranes Std. wire rope hoist & Customized Crab specially design for light & heavy duty industries


  • The crane is controlled from pendent push button station is suspended from the one end of bridge at a suitable height from the floor level with stepped down voltage of ll0v. 24v.
  • Dust proof powder coated sheet - metal housing consists of contractors overload relays fuses, transformers etc.
  • Emergency stop button In all cranes to shutting off the power to the main contactors

Optional features

Following features shall be supplied on request

  • Micro speed arrangement through frequency meters /variable frequency drives
  • Cable festooned system or shrouded bus bar system.
  • Warning horn.
  • Bridge lights
  • Cabin operated through master controller
  • Remote control operated